The Front Office system that supports various sales activities, facility operations and services that occur at customer point of contact should provide consistent service to customers at anytime and anywhere around the integrated customer management system, and sales and incidental equipment of each business should be linked with each other organically.
And sales information aggregated from each sales activity should lead to the accounting and cost system of the Back Office system, providing comprehensive real time information for decision making.

Rate Schedule
Rate Schedule derived by pricing policy by days (weekdays/weekends), seasonal rates (normal/peak season/weekend) are applied daily at each daily closing automatically, and can be used flexibly for various pricing policies and packaged promotions.
Various types of membership information can be managed through consolidation, making efficient operation possible through consistent data sharing and discount policies.
Marketing power can be strengthened by maximizing work efficiency through integration of members and systematic member information sharing and utilization analysis, using membership services.
Sales Activity
Sales Activity is a total solution that manages from post sales to promotions related to customers.
By systematic management of various promotional activities of customers utilization of rooms and banquet halls, promotional activity efficiency can be increased.
Marketing, conference, exhibition, and events can be separated by their respective work executions to provide professionalism and thereby enhancing work efficiency.
Various product packages can be integrated with hotel coupons and provides support in systematic collection and management of coupons issued by the hotels.
Collection and management of coupons linked to product packages can be used to target marketing and other promotions, and can be automatically reflected into the accounting materials by integrating them to the sales and advance payments.
F&B Cost
PMS can help to standardize the cost of materials by using cost management, recipe and yield based on Actual Cost, Contrast Estimated Cost (Potential Cost).
Accuracy of calculated cost and future pricing policy can be derived through cost management provided by estimated materials cost and actual cost of each recipes.
Profit & Loss
Profit & Loss can be divided into Managerial Target Management which manages target profit and loss per businesses derived by cost budgeting and information such as target sales and personnel plans; Managerial Performance Management which manages performance information; and Managerial Evaluation Management which evaluates the performance against target.
Work efficiency can be improved by integrated processing of period system (F/O, B/O) data through the homepage.
Direct booking can be activated on PC and mobile devices by producing and distributing homepage with built in WINGS-BE (booking engine).
Quick self-check in and checkout provided by kiosks that are linked with WINGS-PMS in real time allows the hotel operators to concentrate more of their efforts in providing customer satisfaction and efficient operation.