The complex functions of large multipurpose resorts should be either integrated or separated according to needs.
In particular, in the case of multipurpose resorts, only the high level information system can maximize synergistic effects that allows frequent changes in personnel and organization, operation of variety of work spaces according to the different seasons,
complex pricing policies according to different customers, flexible operation of many business divisions and functional structures to deliver consistent customer services and capable of producing information analysis in stages.
And in the case of small-sized resorts with limited functions, a comprehensive information system with modular system customized for the resort is required.

Business Type
A variety of resort types are supported and all types of functions are managed with integrated sales and integrated memberships.
One Card
The One Card system is a very useful system at resorts, operating through the establishment of high-level strategies and execution plans, with wide and efficient uses and capable of maximizing the convenience of customer service.
Preferential Policies
Customer service is enhanced through a variety of preferential treatment/discount policies and increase in sales can be achieved by cost reduction through systematic performance management and goal establishment.