Restaurant brand specific marketing strategies and customer policies must be reflected within the operation management and POS systems, and must be recycled by analyzing the various sales data according to shops, sales types, time of day and days, menus, tastes and promotions.
In addition, customer service functions by Membership Card should be considered, Depending on the characteristics of the headquarters, logistics center and each stores, the structure of the organization, personnel, and management support system should be structured so that it can be distributed and then integrated into the headquarters system

TMS (Table Management System)
Customer satisfaction must be enhanced by efficiently processing customer handling, table management and reservations, and by grasping customer information, history and characteristics, to provide comprehensive information of each shops and sales.
It is possible to operate according to the form and characteristics of various kinds of business facilities, and supports 1POS for many stores and many POS’s for one store.
Business Type
Operation according to independent characteristics of variety of business sites, and provides functions with the user's convenience in mind.