Hospitality industry must always be awake. Wings' mobile solutions deliver services beyond time and space constraints through mobile and cloud-based technologies.
Customers who use hotels and hotel representatives who operate hotels can be provide with and provide services from anywhere, anytime.

CMS (Channel Management System)
From the NOTICE BOARD of mobile CMS, you can check the status of reservations such as new reservations and cancellations in real time, and open or close rooms by a touch of a button. Room occupancy rate selection and access can be performed, which is the basis for closing on-line room sales, and room rates and allocations for OTA specific room price and availability of remaining rooms can be accessed.
CRS (Central Reservation System)
Travel agency, contractor's B2B reservation and general customer's B2C reservation can be handled by mobile devices, making it possible to reserve in 24 hours, regardless of the business hours of the reservation room to increase the reservation rate.
In the case of travel agencies, it is easy to analyze the franchises by collecting the reservation results by franchises in real time.
S&M (Sales&Marketing)
Using mobile S&M, sales history of each client and issues prior to visiting the client even from outside.
Immediate confirmations are possible through access of rooms and banquet halls occupancy status, allowing quick marketing activities.
Sales activity plan and completion can be accessed in real time, and references by seniors and be confirmed immediately.
GSS (Guest Satisfaction Survey)
Customer satisfaction results can be accessed on-line, using mobile surveys which are easily accessible to the customers.
Users can edit questions directly and manage its contents.
Customer satisfaction is further improved by analyzing the trend in real time and by easy detection of vulnerabilities of the hotel and improvement solutions. Active customer participation can be achieved through providing prizes to survey participants and record keeping and management of past prize winners.
AYS (At Your Service)
A solution that enables customers to take advantage of the hotel's services through mobile devices when they need it.
New service trends and services that the customers want can be provided, such as reservations using mobile devices, IoT enabled keyless system, self-check-in/check-out, room services, room temperature and lighting control, etc.​