WINGS - PMS (Property Management System)

WINGS PMS provides customer service and user convenience through increase in sales through creative on-line marketing activity based on demand forecasts. Integrated with WINGS CMS, on-line reservations are registered into the PMS in real time and rooms can be opened or closed automatically based on PMS's market shares. Provides a user interface that is customized for your business according to the business processes.

  • Integrated with Wings-CMS to automatically control real time room reservations on-line
  • Performs the role of Revenue Manager such as Restrictions for profitability enhancement
  • Revenue forecasting and contingency rate through regression analysis
  • Lead time analysis to prevent dumping and more detailed Lost Business Report

WINGS - Allegro

Allegro is a reservation management program designed for small and medium-sized accommodations. Simple web access and streamlined programs provide access to IT solutions in a variety of accommodation types. By integrating with WINGS CMS, on-line reservations can be sent to Allegro in real time, for easy management of room rentals, and on-line reservations.

  • Anyone can access and use the web without installing complex programs.
  • Interface configured for essential functions that are frequently used without being loaded with heavy functions.
  • WINGS CMS, Booking Engine Integrated

WINGS - CMS (Channel Management System)

WINGS CMS integrated with WINGS PMS can solve your problems of on-line market management and sales increases. There are various channels for on-line reservations. WINGS CMS integrates all on-line reservation channels in real time and works like one system to manage extranets that have been managed separately, dramatically reducing the workload, making it easy to manage channels and expand on-line market. By utilizing various restriction functions, on-line profit rate can be maximized.

  • Real time integration with entire on-line reservation channels worldwide.
  • WINGS PMS integration make automatic room sales and on-line reservations possible in real time.
  • A detailed and diversified on-line sales condition can be established to increase the room sales

WINGS - Booking Engine

There is a perception that on-line reservations are either impossible or managed in real time for domestic hotels. The WINGS Booking Engine breaks this prejudice and provides essential solution to increase hotel marketing and direct bookings. The extranet integrated with CMS eases the burden of managing the booking engine, and the package product registration page, which can be customized according to the hotel's marketing strategy and policies, will lead to a dramatic increase in direct bookings.

  • Variety of hotel package product registration.
  • Domestic and overseas off-line B2B travel agency channel expansion.

WINGS - CRS (Central Reservation System)

WINGS is a new on-line booking platform with WINGS Booking Engine as an inventory. The WINGS Booking Engine configured for each hotel is used freely for marketing hotels on the homepage of individual hotels and is also used as an inventory of WINGS for various marketing activities, mileage, rewards and membership management programs.

  • Unified Booking Platform that combines all Booking Engines
  • Support marketing activities(SNS, EDM, News letter), mileage and membership management

WINGS - CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

Analyzes customer's life cycles to maintain existing customers, prevent customers from leaving, and facilitates securing new customers. Appropriate and timely marketing strategy can be derived by analyzing customer attributes and usage such as region, age, hobby, and anniversary. Customers can be categorized using multi-filters for detailed target marketing and more effective promotions.

  • Customer analysis and usage performance according to the region, gender, age, hobby, anniversary
  • Target marketing and promotion for various target customers

WINGS - S&C (Sales & Catering)


Establishment of infrastructures to systematically manage sales activities for the promotion’s manager even from the outside.

  • Manage your sales activity in real time using mobile devices
  • Share all the information on the WINGS platform company-wide to use for marketing


It allows you to record, communicate, and collaborate on all procedures for consultation, quotation, contracting, settlement, preparation, execution, and follow-up for various events.

  • Record event changes and share event information quickly via a variety of channels
  • Work process can be simplified through WINGS PMS room reservations.
  • Integration and individual management of entire events and event details.

WINGS - F&B (Food and Beverage)

We provide integrated restaurant solutions that reflect sales strategy from purchase to sales, inventory and cost analysis. Through accumulated data such as customers' preferences, attributes, incentives, and performance, it is possible to provide differentiated two-way services at customer contact points, and it can contribute to increase sales by inducing customers to return. System that integrates reservations to on site utilization, service and payment will maximize the efficiency of business operations. The POS system supports various types of business operations such as restaurant, single item sales, ticketing, etc., and provides quick service through order processing through mobile devices. POS sales data includes cost information and can be helpful in determining menu promotion and pricing policies.

  • Provides differentiated services through advance booking and increased efficiency in reservation management
  • Provides supports on decisions for marketing policy through menu engineering analysis techniques.

WINGS - Back Office

  • HR & Payroll : Supports HR related processing services from recruitment to resignation. By providing job-based operation and analysis functions for efficient employee management, organizational changes can be flexibly handled.
  • Account : The accounting system can analyze not only company-wide management results but also profit and loss by divisions and teams. All quantified results from business activities within the company, such as sales, purchases, and salaries, are collected into the accounting system through automatic processing.
  • Material & Cost : We provide an integrated solution on the vast materials and products required in hotel management from purchasing, warehousing, inventory, to cost analysis.
  • Facility Maintenance System : Work efficiency can be improved through accessing housekeeping and facility maintenance via mobile devices. It can also manage personnel through analyzing order processing records of each personnel’s order processing and lead time, and maintains the facilities in the best conditions and prolongs the lifespan by recognizing frequently problematic rooms.